Expanding is a truly representational series of work for Dina Cline, depicting not only the growth of her artistic practice, but also the exploration and drawing-out of tangible moments in each work. After beginning her artistic career by painting traditional Hawaiian landscapes, Dina found herself zeroing-in on atmospheric elements, such as the movement of water, or the exact color of a sunset. Narrowing her focus allowed Dina’s work to become far more abstract, encouraging the exploration of various painterly techniques to capture fleeting sensations. She found that the scraping and building-up of a palette knife gave a piece an entirely different sensibility than the swiping motion of a paint brush. Harder brushes created choppy, moody waves whereas soft brushes allowed for a calm, sweeping ocean. Each work took on a different personality dependent upon the technique used, developing in ways that Dina had not envisioned from the outset.